Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

The Crying Stone

Long time ago, lived a widow with her daughter at a mountain near a town in Kalimantan. The widow’s named was Dasah, she named her daughter Jelita, because of her beautiful face. They lived in an old shack.
  Jelita loved her mother. However, she’s lazy and spoiled girl. Anytime she wanted something, her mother had to fulfill it without caring about whether her mother had money or not.
One day,
Jelita  : mom, you’ve got to buy me a new beautiful dress.
Dasah  : what? But, you’ve got so many dresses, dear…
Jelita  : don’t talk in short of way, mom… all of my dresses are no longer fashionable. I need a new one.
Dasah  : but, I’ve got no many. Besides, I just bought one for you last month. That was an expensive dress, Jelita.
Jelita  : mom, you say you love me. So, you’ve got to give me anything I want.

Dasah couldn’t do nothing. She took all of her saving and went to the market with Jelita. The market was far from their shack. Jelita wore a beautiful cloth, but her mother didin’t. Jelita walked in front, she left her mother behind. When they both got close to the town, people stared at them, one of the people say,
1st man  : look, it seems so strange., that girl in that beautiful dress is very pretty, she also dress well. But, see the woman behind her, so ridiculous. That girl looks like that old woman. It’s impossible if she is their girl’s servant.
2st man  : maybe, she’s really her servant, not her mother.
    Hi beautiful lady, is she your mother?
Jelita  : NO! she’s my servant.
1st man  : and you, if you don’t mind, may I know you name?
Jelita  : I’m Jelita.
2st man  : hmm… your name’s appropriate with you face.
  Then, Jelita and her mother continue walking. Dasah then ask Jelita,
Dasah  : Jelita, why did tell those people that I was your slave.
Jelita  : mommy, I was just pretending. I didn’t really consider my slave.
Dasah  : but, never do that again.
Jelita  : oh mom,,, came on.. I just pretended.

When they were talking, a handsome guy come close to their.
Handsome guy  : wooow… you’re so beautiful. What am I supposed to call you?? Pretty,, fairy,, sweety,,, or…??
Jelita  : Jelita. Just call me Jelita.
Handsome guy  : hmm,,, your name is as beautiful as your face. But, wait, I see that the lady behind you is coming along with you. Is she your mother?
Jelita  : no, she isn’t. she is my servant.

  Dasah couldn’t help being. Offended for the insulf. Then she said to her daughter.
Dasah  : Jelita, you’ve been too far. You’ve so rebellious how you could keep telling those people that I’m not your mother, Jelita. The one who have taken care of and raised you since you were a baby.
Jelita  : mom, I have to do that, because I don’t want them to laugh at me if they find out that you are my mother. Look at you, mom, we look so different. Come on, mom. It’s just until we get the dress. After that, we go home, and you would not hear me say those kinds of words anymore.
Dasah  : enough Jelita! You’ve hurt me, so deep that I can’t stand on it any longer. Whoever and whatever I’m, you must honor me as your own mother!

  Then, the sad mother prayed to God. “my dear lord, I can’t stand on my daughter’s behavior. She’s been too far in hurting me. Please give her a punishment to make her feel sorry for what she has done to me”. Suddenly, the daughter couldn’t move her body. It’s so weighty gradually her feel became stone. Then, her body. She felt sorry and cry for her mother’s help. But. It was too late. Finally, her whole body became stone. There’s still a voice that could be heard “crying voice”. That’s why the stone is called “the crying stone”.
The End

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